Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY: Glitter Soles

So, I ordered a new pair of nude pumps from MMC... But instead received a pair of, what seem to be, knock-off Daffodil Louboutins. I opened the box and literally let out a, "WTF?" But instead of letting a pair of shoes go to waste, I got crafty and recolored the soles!

All you need is original formula Modge Podge & fine grain glitter.
I chose hot pink!

I mixed together about 2tbsp of Modge Podge & 1tbsp of glitter and applied it using a sponge-tip brush. I coated the heel soles with 3 layers of the glitter mixture, with 15min drying time between each layer.

TA DA! I love the results! Way better than some bogus looking replicas. Note, I didn't bother to glitterize the direct bottom of the sole... Seemed a little pointless since it would wear off anyway!

This was a super easy DIY project!
I found all my craft supplies at JoAnn's, and spent less than $8.
Now looking for more things to glitterize...