Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gel Manicure Review

Just got a fresh manicure for my birthday! I have been getting gel manicures for almost a year now. There are several gel polish brands available, but the salon I go to uses the OPI Axxium Gel. Prices  depends on the salon, but a gel manicure usually runs about $25.

(OPI Axxium Polish in "Alpine Snow" & "Bring on the Bling." Regular black polish for design)

Claims to last 2-3 weeks (I have had mine last up to 5, although my nails grew out of course)
Does not chip off like regular polish
Applied over natural nail bed
No drilling, only buffing
Soaks off in 10min using regular acetone
ASK for the gel overlay, this is a protective coat that really works

If you like to frequently change your nail polish color, this is not for you
Can damage nails if you attempt to PEEL off yourself
If applied too thickly, it will peel off on its own (I suggest requesting an experienced technician)